CSz Summer Camp FAQ

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Who's leading CSz Summer Camp?

Adam Eschborn: After wandering into The Arena on a bet, Adam Eschborn has come up through the ranks at ComedySportz Buffalo, working his way up through the Minor League system and into the pros. Adam is a NYS-certified teacher, and knows everything there is to know about board games. And muffins.

And yarn.

Lucas Colon: A mild-mannered hotel clerk by day, Lucas Colon is a local actor/improvisor by night. He has appeared on multiple local stages, including Theatre of Youth, Niagara Regional Theatre, and, of course, The Arena (his favorite!!), where he is proud to be a CSz Pro Player. 


When not on stage, he’s usually trying to complete his Pokémon Go Pokédex (342 and counting!).


Is there only one session of camp this year?

You must be a loyal Loyal Fan to catch that! Correct, this year we only have one session of camp on the calendar. 

What is this gross thing on my foot?

That's really more of a question for your doctor.

What do I get for my money?

Participants in each session will receive:

  • 5 half-days of improv instruction by pros on the ComedySportz Buffalo team

  • A showcase for family and friends during the evening of the last day of class

  • 3 tickets to the professional ComedySportz match on the last day of class

  • An official CSz Summer Camp T-shirt!


I have two kids in two different age groups. Can I please enroll them in the same group so I don't have to drive to your place twice as much and ruin my whole summer driving around in a hot, sticky car?

Unfortunately, no. If we all just went around ignoring rules, this world would be full of tagless mattresses. 


I want to enroll my child in Summer Camp, but he/she/I will not be able to make the final showcase on Friday night. Is that okay?

Yes! While we'd absolutely love if all of the campers were able to perform in the final showcase, and all of their parents were there to see them, participation in the Friday showcase is not mandatory.


I want to enroll my child in improv Camp, but he/she is crazy shy and has never done anything like this before. Is that cool?

Yes! We love working with kids who have grown up around theater, but we specialize in bringing the best out of everyone! Your child does not need to have any experience in theater or improv; they just need to have a smile and a willingness to have fun.


How do I register?

Click here. Or here. Or here. But definitely not here!

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