Friday Night All Skate

A Chance for You to Stretch Your Improv Muscles


Come get your funny on for just $5!


Open to anyone who wants to give improv a shot, the All Skate is a chance to play with improvisers from all over Western New York.


Led by a professional CSz troupe member, fans of improv with little-to-no experience join performers from our professional and minor league teams on stage to give improv a try. It's a safe, welcoming environment with few or no audience members that allows everyone to shine. 


Play a game that you saw on the field during a ComedySportz match. Try a new game, try an old favorite, or maybe give longform a shot. It's all possible in this wide-open format. Come with ideas, or just borrow some of ours!


The All Skate is held on the first Friday of the month at 10pm.


Ages 16+

Lend a Voice Award - 1 Winner
$100 for 1 semester (Spring 2017) + $100 Voice Lessons Certifs.
Applications Due: February 4
Winner Announced: February 11


Friends of CSz Buffalo, The Voice Squad, have generously donated a $100 scholarship to HSL and a certificate for (2) 2-hour Voice Acting Lessons ($100 value) to a High School Leaguer who can Lend a Voice. 

Below are four photos from Time Magazine's 100 Best Photos of 2016. We want you to give a voice to someone (or something) in one of the photos. Choose a photo, and record yourself speaking as someone from that photo. Each recording should be 15 - 30 seconds and can be realistic, cartoony, funny, poignant, or anything in between. What would someone in one of those photos say if we could listen in?


To apply for the Lend a Voice Award, send an email to with the following: 


1) Your Name & Phone Number

2) Your Grade, School, and School District

3) The Number of the Photo You Selected

3) The recording (attached as an .mp3 or other sound file or a link to YouTube or other video) of your 15 - 30 second "Voice" for one of the photos. 


Applications are due February 4, and winners will be announced on February 11. You may register/pay for High School League prior to the scholarship deadline. If you have already paid for High School League and are chosen for the scholarship, the amount of the scholarship will be refunded to you.

Level 1: Intro to Improv

$150 | 8 Weeks | See Chart Above for Days & Times

Learn the basics of improv through this eight-week class that focuses on characters, storytelling, teamwork, and more. Improve your confidence and, at the same time, learn how to play like a kid again.


This fun, interactive and informative class will have you involved from day one. It is the perfect class for anyone who wants to meet some new people, speak up at work more, hone their performance skills, or just have some fun!


No previous improv experience necessary.

Level 2: Improvised Scenes

$150 | 8 Weeks | See Chart Above for Days & Times

In level 2, you get to stretch your improv muscles by concentrating on the Who, Where, What of improv, and learning the tools and formats that make a successful scene.


You will use the improv skills you learned in Level 1 as the foundation for performing your own improv scenes throughout the 8 weeks.

Pre-requisite: Level 1

Level 3: Improv Games

$150 | 8 Weeks | See Chart Above for Days & Times

In Level 3, you will take the solid groundwork you've cultivated in Level 2 and put it to the test with fast-paced, shortform improv games.


You will be introduced to improv games pulled straight from our ComedySportz catalog and, at the end of your 8 weeks, you will get to strut your stuff with a Graduation Performance (free to family and friends)!


Pre-requisite: Level 2

Minor League

$110 | 17 Weeks | Thursdays 6:30-9pm

Minor League is all about practice, practice, practice!


A dedicated team works together to refine their improv and performance skills.


On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, our Minor League performs at The Arena in full ComedySportz matches, including concessions, lights, sound, and paying loyal fans.


Fall season runs from September to January. Spring season runs from February to May.

Pre-requisites: Level 3 & Instructor Approval

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