Super-Secret Alumni Ticketing Page

Here's the super-secret Alumni Ticketing Page for the CSz Buffalo 25th Anniversary weekend.

This page isn't fancy because we're not fancy.

You're not fancy.

Let's be not-fancy together, eh?

(Except on November 17, when we're all going to pretend to be fancy together.)

Here's the RSVP form (required!).

Here's public info about the 25th Anniversary Weekend.

Here's the Alumni Facebook post about the 25th Anniversary Weekend

Here's where you can buy reduced-priced student tickets for the Friday, November 16 Alumni match.

Here's where you can buy up to 3 VIP tickets for your family (remember, yours is free, if you fill out that RSVP form!) to the Saturday, November 17 events for the low, low price of $12 (last date to reserve these is October 26!):

Here's that weekend's schedule:

Schedule of Events CSz Anniv Weekend-1.j
Schedule of Events CSz Anniv Weekend-2.j