CSz Classes

We're Here to Help You Through the Scary Parts


CSz classes are a great opportunity to break out of your shell. To try something different. To learn something new. 


Whether it's your first step to becoming a pro, or you're just looking to have some fun, we can get you there! All CSz classes are taught by one of our improv professionals - instructors who, themselves, have years of training. CSz classes are a fun, supportive way to learn improvisational thinking, gain self-confidence, develop business soft-skills and meet people. A complete training series is available for adults, and we've got classes for kids, too!


If you have questions or need further information about any of our classes, contact Kelsey, our Director of Education, at educationdirector@cszbuffalo.com.

Registration Fee Includes a Fivefer, good for 5 tickets to any show at The Arena

Kids & Teen Classes

Level 1: Intro to Improv

$160 | 8 Weeks | See Chart Above for Days & Times

Learn the basics of improv through this eight-week class that focuses on characters, storytelling, teamwork, and more. Improve your confidence and, at the same time, learn how to play like a kid again.


This fun, interactive and informative class will have you involved from day one. It is the perfect class for anyone who wants to meet some new people, speak up at work more, hone their performance skills, or just have some fun!


No previous improv experience necessary.

Level 2: Improvised Scenes

$160 | 8 Weeks | See Chart Above for Days & Times

In level 2, you get to stretch your improv muscles by concentrating on the Who, Where, What of improv, and learning the tools and formats that make a successful scene.


You will use the improv skills you learned in Level 1 as the foundation for performing your own improv scenes throughout the 8 weeks.

Pre-requisite: Level 1

Level 3: Improv Games

$160 | 8 Weeks | See Chart Above for Days & Times

In Level 3, you will take the solid groundwork you've cultivated in Level 2 and put it to the test with fast-paced, shortform improv games.


You will be introduced to improv games pulled straight from our ComedySportz catalog and, at the end of your 8 weeks, you will get to strut your stuff with a Graduation Performance (free to family and friends)!


Pre-requisite: Level 2

Minor League

$125 | 17 Weeks | Alternating Thursdays (6:30-9pm) & Fridays (9:30-10:30pm)

Minor League is all about practice, practice, practice!


A dedicated team works together to refine their improv and performance skills.


Our Minor League performs Friday nights (9:30pm) at The Arena in full ComedySportz matches, including concessions, lights, sound, and paying loyal fans. On Thursday nights, they hone their skills and 


Fall season runs from September to January. Spring season runs from February to May.

Pre-requisites: Level 3 & Instructor Approval

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Improv for Kids (Grades 5-8)

$110 | 8 Weeks | Sundays 2-3:30pm

Kids are pretty good improvisers - they often spend their free-time making things up.


Let us help mold that imagination into an artform.

This class covers many of the basic tenets of improv in a manner that kids understand. And they'll be busy - we don't let them sit around and watch; we ensure that all participants are involved and part of the action for the entire class.

High School League (Grades 9-12)

$250 | 10 Weeks | Saturdays 9:30a-12p

High School League is a great opportunity for high schoolers from all over Western New York to come together and make magic together. 


Get more info and get registered on our High School League page.

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Adult Classes

Registration Fee Includes a Fivefer, good for 5 tickets to any show at The Arena