You've got questions. We've got answers.


Can I make reservations?

Much like other theatre and sporting events, we cannot hold seats for you unless you purchase your tickets ahead of time. You may purchase seats for upcoming shows online (with tickets fees of $1.00 or less per ticket), or purchase seats at the door the night of the show (for most shows, tickets are still available twenty minutes before the start of the show, but the only way to guarantee seats is to buy online. If you're interested in bringing a large group (10 or more), having a birthday party at a show, or want to book a private event, please contact our Special Events Coordinator at events@cszbuffalo.com for more info.


Do you guys serve food?

We have theatre-like snacks (boxed candy, popcorn, nachos, etc.), but we do not serve substantial meals. If you're looking for food before or after the show, we recommend our friends over at Loughran's, less than a block away from The Arena, who have a delicious, affordable menu. We've also got a Denny's right across the street and Adam's Rib is less than a block away.


How about booze?

Nope. We've got water, soda, coffee, hot chocolate, and some other non-alcoholic drinks, but nothing alcoholic. We recommend Loughran's, about a block away from The Arena for any pre- or post-game tailgating.


How long does a show last?

Our shows are improvised - everything's made up on the spot - so it's difficult to say exactly how long a show will last. A good rule of thumb is that a ComedySportz match will last about an hour and 45 minutes, Knockout will last an hour and fifteen minutes, and Babushka!, dotCOMedy, and Life of the Party will run about an hour.


Where are you located?

The Arena is located at 4476 Main St., right on the corner of Main St. and Harlem Rd. in Snyder (Amherst), NY in the Snyder Square plaza. We’re easily accessible from I-290 (1 mile south of exit 6, Sheridan/Harlem, and 1 mile west of exit 7A, Main St.), and Rte. 33 (2 miles north of the Harlem Rd. exit). For easiest access to The Arena, enter the Snyder Square plaza from the Harlem Rd. side. Take the stairs or elevator to the lower level.


Is your building wheelchair accessible?

Yes, indeed. We are on the lower level of Snyder Square, and there is an elevator on the Harlem Rd. side. If possible, please call us (716.393.8669) and leave a message to give us a heads up that you will have a wheelchair. This will allow us to ensure we leave enough room in the wheelchair seating section for you and your party.


Can I bring my [grandma/son/pastor/hamster/etc.]?

ComedySportz is an all-ages show. We keep things rated PG, so if your (grandma/son/pastor/etc.) can see “Shrek,” s/he can see ComedySportz. Most of our CSz After Hours shows, however, are adults-only shows. We can only admit folks ages 18+ because of adult themes and language (unless the CSz After Hours show this week happens to be a ComedySportz match). Please, no hamsters.


Will I get picked on at your show?

Nope. Our show is interactive – we ask for suggestions and volunteers – but we never force anyone to participate. And, as long as you’re nice to us, we’ll be nice to you.


I'm bringing X number of people. What should I do?

If you have fewer than 10 people coming to a show, please buy your tickets online or at the door the night of the show. If you have 10 or more people coming, please contact Richard our special events coordinator at events@cszbuffalo.com, for info on special pricing, recognition, etc. 


I just heard about you guys. How do I know you're any good?

You just heard about us? We’ve been doing this since 1993; where have you been all our lives?! We’ve been named Buffalo’s Best Genre-Defying Artist for four straight years by Artvoice readers, won the 2013 ComedySportz World Championship, and have performed more than 2,000 shows in the last twenty-four years. We wouldn’t still be here if we weren’t putting on a great show.


Can I buy CSz gift certificates?

You sure can! You can either buy them in person during any of our shows at The Arena or buy them online from our CSz Swag Shop. If purchasing from our online shop, you can choose to have the certificate delivered via email (delivered in 1-2 days; you print it out) or snail mail (we'll print it out and it'll arrive at your door in 4-6 days). Please note that gift certificates can only be used at The Arena for purchases (tickets, concessions, or merchandise) and cannot be used for online purchases. 


So, do you guys tell jokes about sports?

Nope. We are not stand-up comedians – we’re improvisers. We make up scenes and songs on the spot, based on your suggestions. If you suggest “soccer,” we’ll perform a scene about soccer, but if you suggest “pickled pig’s feet,” we’ll do a scene about that, too. The “Sportz” part of our ComedySportz show comes from the competitiveness of the show – there are two teams who try to out-funny each other for votes from you, the loyal fans! There are points, a referee, fouls… and only one winner.


Is [insert your favorite player’s name here] playing on the night I’m going to the show?

Starting lineups for upcoming ComedySportz matches can be found on our Starting Lineups page. Lineups are always subject to change right up until game time.


Will you guys come do a show at my [work/school/church/birthday party/etc.]?

We sure will! We’ve done shows for groups from 10-3000 all over the country. We can tailor our event to your space, time, and content requirements. We do holiday shows, fundraisers, church functions, bachelorette parties, and just about anything you can imagine. Check out our Road Shows page for more details, or email our special events coordinator at events@cszbuffalo.com for a quote for your event.


I'm super funny! When are auditions?

Auditions for ComedySportz are not any specific time of the year. They happen when they’re meant to happen. Unless our homepage currently says “We’re Auditioning!” we’re not auditioning. If you think you’ve got the improv chops needed to make it in the big leagues, we recommend signing up for a class. We most often fill our roster by pulling folks up to the big leagues from classes and Minor League if they’ve got what it takes.


I have a great [stand-up routine/ventriloquist act/burlesque show/etc.]! Can I perform at The Arena?

We rarely have non-improv shows at The Arena, but it’s been known to happen. If you’ve got a great show, and think you can bring a crowd to see you, contact our Special Events Coordinator at events@cszbuffalo.com to get some more info.


I'm part of an event that's supporting a great cause. Will you donate some tickets?

Probably. As long as you're not supporting the puppy-kicking foundation, or something. Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to Buffalo ComedySportz 4476 Main St., Amherst, NY 14226, or stop by on a show night to pick up your tickets, and we'd be happy to help you out!