Hire Us

We've Spent 20 Years Working on Our Résumé


If our regularly-scheduled shows aren't enough to scratch your improv itch, then let us help make your next event a one-of-a-kind smashing success! Whether it's a full show at your place, a weeklong Business Training event, or a birthday party at The Arena, we can help you out. Not sure what you want? Contact us at events@cszbuffalo.com, and we'll help you figure it out!

Road Shows

We'll pack up the entire show into a giant duffle bag  and bring it to your place. 

Business Training


Or Applied Improv?

Your call.

Birthday Parties

Whether you're turning 6 years old, 26, or 96... we got you covered.


More fun than a bake sale.

...but less tasty.

Arena Takeover

Want a show, but don't have anywhere to store it?

Make the whole Arena yours.