ComedySportz High School League

Learn from the Pros. Play for the People. Get a T-Shirt.


What is ComedySportz?

Let us give you the grand tour.


What is ComedySportz Buffalo High School League?
ComedySportz High School League is the largest and most successful improv training program for high school students in the country. High School League provides an extracurricular activity that goes beyond the stage and makes its way into everyday situations. When students are trained in ComedySportz improv, they are trained in communication, confidence, quick thinking, individuality, and teamwork. High School League teaches these skills in a safe and nurturing environment where “winning the match” is a distant second to taking risks and personal growth.

What do I get when I sign up for High School League?

  • 10 Coach-led, 2-hour practices

  • 10 Player-led, 30 minute drill sessions

  • New Player Orientation (for New Players)

  • Participation in up to 4 High School League matches at The Arena

  • 1 Official High School League T-shirt ($15 value)

  • 2 High School League jerseys (1 red, 1 blue) w/ the CSz High School League logo ($30 value)

  • 5 Tickets to any professional show at The Arena (up to a $60 value)

  • Unique smell

When are practices/matches?

Practices are generally on Saturday mornings and matches are generally on Tuesday evenings. For the current semester's schedule, see the main High School League page


How do practices work?
A coach will lead High School League players in exercises that focus on two things:

  1. The fundamental skills of improvisational theater. Learning about teamwork, communication, and commitment will help first through fourth-year improvisers understand the basics of improvisation. Students will learn how to say “YES”, how to start a compelling scene, how to develop relationships, pantomime and much more. 

  2. The format, blocking, and production of a ComedySportz match. ComedySportz is a fast-paced, competitive improv performance that interacts with the audience to make every show unique and memorable.

What about drills?
Immediately after practice is completed, High School League players will have access to The Arena for an additional 30 minutes. Players will use this time to lead themselves in improvisational drills of their choosing. They might run a new game, practice pantomime, or try an experimental technique - the time is theirs to use as they see fit. This gives players a chance to think critically about their performances, practice skills that need attention, review exercises, bond with teammates, and take on leadership roles.

And matches?
All High School League players will have the opportunity to perform in High School League matches held at The Arena on the very same field that the pros play on. These matches will have concessions, an announcer, music, lights, and a referee; they get the same treatment as the pros! The matches will take place on Tuesday nights and will be open to the public. Lineups will be announced ahead of time, and are dependent on the size of the roster and player attendance at practices. Players will be expected to attend all matches, regardless of if they are scheduled to play that night. Each player will get their time to shine on the field in front of parents, friends, teachers, and teammates! After matches, students will be required to pitch in with clean up (sweeping/etc), because if you make the mess, you clean it up. Right, Mom?
Who should join High School League?
Anyone in high school, grades 9–12! The ComedySportz High School League is perfect for theatre students looking to improve their stage presence, any students looking to become more comfortable with public speaking, students trying to rid themselves of stage fright, or anyone looking for something really fun and interactive! Looking for a way to share info with your friends? Use this pdf!

Who’s running this thing?

Coach Kelsey Wagner is calling the shots. Kelsey originally hails from San Jose, CA where she started her improv career with four years in the ComedySportz San Jose High School League. She was later pulled up into the Pro League in San Jose and eventually completed the full circle by coaching High School League teams. After leaving San Jose, and spending some time playing for ComedySportz Chicago, Kelsey moved to Western New York and wasted no time founding the ComedySportz Buffalo High School League. Please contact her at if you have any questions. 


How much does it cost?
New Students: $250/semester. $230 for Early Bird registration (see registration page for Early Bird registration date).

Returning Students: $220/semester. $200 for Early Bird registration.


That's a little rich for my blood. Are there any scholarships available?

If you're interested in High School League but need a hand paying for it, email us at to ask about available scholarships. 

I still have questions. How can I find out more?
Please contact Coach Kelsey at or leave us a message at 716.393.8669 (we promise to call you back) if you have any further questions.