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Improvathon Prices

Who can put a price on laughter?


Our twelfth annual Improvathon runs from April 3-5, 2020. It's 49½ straight hours of ComedySportz featuring basket raffles, live auctions, comedians from around the country, and around-the-clock hijinks. You should totally be there. 


The Improvathon is broken up into 2-hour blocks of time (starting on even-numbered hours). You can get an all access pass that will allow you into as many of the 49½ hours as you can handle, or purchase in two-hours chunks. 


The chart on this page outlines ticket prices for each two hour block - starting at just $1 for the off-off hours matches and climbing up to $10 for the prime times. 


Get tickets or contact us with any questions.


We'll see you there!